Over 600,000 California children and teens are living in homes not headed by their parents.

The cause may vary but one result remains the same: When a young person is removed from their primary home, it triggers a traumatic change to their brain. An indelible moment that changes them forever, physiologically and emotionally.


Grandparents as Parents’ (GAP) mission is to provide programs and services that meet the urgent and ongoing needs of grandparents and other relatives raising children at risk. We seek to positively impact that Third GenerationTM and the grandparents and adults who love and care for them, so caregivers and children alike can grow and thrive.



Innovative programming aimed at fostering the critical factors a young person needs to thrive, achieve and develop into caring, competent adults.

Support and Counseling Services including therapeutic support groups, crisis counseling and linkage services that address immediate needs in the home and child’s life, foster resiliency and strengthen these non-traditional families.

Trainings, community outreach and online/offline resources for grandparents and other adult caregivers.

Advocacy at the grassroots and government levels for the rights and concerns of adult caregivers and the youth for which they are responsible.

We are a “ONE-STOP SHOP” for any relative caregiver, providing free of charge, community based programs, services and family-centered social activities. In addition to the emotional support, education and guidance that participants receive, we forge pathways to other needed services in the community so caregivers and children alike can grow and thrive.

Advocating For Families

Our dedicated team at GAP are passionate advocates who believe every time we positively impact one child or one caregiver, we are one step closer to changing our community. When caregivers are overwhelmed, when they find doors slamming in their faces, we step in and advocate on their behalf. We provide connection and support, breaking the isolation kinship families face when parents can no longer parent. Success is not guaranteed, but we persevere as we strive to keep moving the dream forward.

Sylvie De Toledo MSW, LCSW, BCD

Sylvie De Toledo MSW, LCSW, BCD


Sylvie de Toledo is a licensed clinical social worker who is perhaps best known as the founder of Grandparents As Parents, Inc. She co-authored the book Grandparents as Parents, a Survival Guide for Raising a Second Family. She and her co-author Deborah Edler Brown are in the process of writing a second edition of the book. Sylvie is a nationally recognized expert on issues relating to relative caregivers taking on the responsibility of raising children because the parents cannot. She has presented many workshops on the topic of relative caregivers throughout the county. Sylvie was part of a team working on a national curriculum for kinship education.
Sylvie has received numerous awards, been interviewed by both national and local newspapers and magazines. She has been formally recognized by the Alliance for Children’s Rights, the Southern California Psychiatric Society, The Wiley Center for Speech and Language, the United States Senate’s Special committee on Aging, The County of Los Angeles, and the California Coalition of Relative Caregivers. The late United States Senator John Heinz commended her for her “cooperation, knowledge, judgment, ability, diligence and loyalty on behalf of relative caregivers.”

Robert B Rice, Jr.

Robert B Rice, Jr.

Chairman of the Board

Robert B. Rice, Jr. currently serves as Grandparents as Parents’ Chairman of the Board of Directors, having been a dedicated Board member since 2013.  Robert knows first-hand the challenges faced by relatives who are the sole caregivers of younger family members whose own parents are unable to care for their child.  First as a single parent, and then as a grandfather raising his granddaughter, Mr. Rice learned the vital role a stable, nurturing, and empowering family life plays in the present happiness and future success of a child.

Having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Ohio State University, which led to more than 35 years’ experience as a small business owner, Robert brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table of GAP’s Board of Directors.  His contributions in the areas of organizational development, strategic and financial planning, and focus on the needs of clients, stakeholders, and GAP staff alike have proven instrumental to helping to drive Grandparents As Parents toward continued growth and success.

Contact and Resource Information

While we are improving our web experience – we don’t want to leave you without the important contact information and resources you came here for. The following information should point you in the right direction.

GAP group facilitators maintain a complete listing of community services and can refer caregivers in need to the appropriate agencies for:

  • Emergency food and clothing (including school clothes)
  • Emergency medical and dental services and supplies
  • Temporary shelter and other essential services

Support Group Numbers
(Choose your nearest support group number)

  • (562) 421-7991
  • (310) 839-2548
  • (818) 789-1177


  • California Dept. on Aging: (800) 510-2020
  • L. A. Dept. of Rec. and Parks: (888) 527-2757
  • AARP Grandparent Info: (888) 687-2277


Connect with GAP’s Main Office

  • Phone: (818) 264-0880
  • Fax: (818) 264-0882
  • Email Us!



  • 24 Hour Crisis Center/ InfoLine, Los Angeles County: 211
  • AARP Information Center: (888) 687-2277
  • Alliance for Children’s Rights: (213) 368-6010
  • InfoLine, Los Angeles County: 211
  • Legal Aid Foundation: (800) 399-4529
  • Public Council: (800) 870-8090
  • Los Angeles Caregivers: (800) 540-4442



Grandparents as Parents’ (GAP) mission is to provide programs and services that meet the urgent and ongoing needs of grandparents and other relatives raising children at risk.


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